Human resource training


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Human resource training

At H&Y International Development and Cooperation Consulting Co., Ltd., we provide a team of leading consultants on Human Resource Management, Law and Tax that work together to provide customers with a service. solutions to human resources, increasing benefits for businesses.
We ensure that after customers use our HR training consulting services, their HR management system will be more professional and efficient.

Our HR training consulting service:

– Building the organizational structure, functions and duties
– Consulting to build human resource plan / human resource strategy
– Developing Salary Policy / Salary Regulation / Collective Labor Agreement
– Construction of salary scale system
– Consulting to build salary system according to 3Ps
– Consulting on building job description system
– Developing the Labor Rules
– Develop regulations / processes / regulations related to personnel work
– Develop a sample labor contract / probation contract
– Development of forms related to Human Resources
– Labor law consulting

Human Resource Management consulting process for our business:
Step 1: H&Y receives consulting needs from businesses
Step 2: H & Y’s experts will communicate directly with business representatives
Step 3: Set up a direct appointment between business representatives and H&Y experts to assess the actual situation and capture the needs of the business
Step 4: H&Y submits a proposal for a consulting plan and quotation
Step 5: Enterprise and H&Y sign consulting contract
Step 6: Project implementation
Step 7: Acceptance in each stage
Step 8: Finish the project and liquidate the contract

Why did you choose us:

Experienced, enthusiastic consultants are currently Human Resources Directors at large companies and multinational corporations.
Helping you to have a Human Resource Management system that is professional and most suitable for your business.
Transfer and guide your company completely to own a professional human resource system
H&Y cooperates with your company _ As a consulting company with many years of experience in the market, it will be flexible in the method and reasonable consulting fee package for each size of your company.
Human resource management consulting mode over the free telephone for H&Y customers



    We always make optimal policies and meet the needs of customers

  • 2. SUPPORT 24/24

    Our creative and dynamic staff always support our customers

  • 3. LOW COST

    We always understand and understand the capabilities and needs of our partners to minimize costs


    We always innovate our policies with a dynamic staff that can meet the needs of our customers


    We always cooperate and develop with foreign potential partners in the field