Business establishment consulting


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Business establishment consulting

H&Y International Development and Cooperation Consulting Co., Ltd specializes in providing consulting services for company establishment in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and many other provinces in the country. All customers who come to us are consulted about the establishment of a company completely free of pre-establishment conditions, who are allowed to establish and manage the company, who cannot, and at the same time Consulting records and authorized representatives perform the procedures quickly and professionally while still ensuring the legality and compliance with the law.

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Our company establishment consulting service not only brings a fast, convenient and reliable start-up process for every business when it is necessary to consult for company establishment, but also always side by side with enterprises in the process. work. With the next legal procedures that enterprises often encounter problems, such as: Consulting on corporate internal management, changing business registration, setting up a branch of the company, registering for trademark protection, declaring tax online, tax reporting and corporate accounting.

Company is an economic organization with its own name, assets, stable transaction office, business registration in accordance with the law for the purpose of carrying out business activities.

Thus, according to the current law, there are the following types of business organizations: limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships and private enterprises of all economic sectors ( hereinafter referred to as enterprises); group of companies. (Article 4 of the 2005 Enterprise Law).


1. Conditions before consulting to establish a company:

Consulting to choose the type of company: Currently, depending on the needs and the number of founding members / shareholders, traders choose a model that best suits them, today in terms of advantages and ease when operating, businesses often choose 02 main models: limited liability company and joint stock company. A limited liability company has two types of one-member limited liability company owned by an individual / organization and a limited liability company with two or more members.
Company name consultation: Company name must not cause duplication or confusion nationwide;
Consulting company headquarters (Under the legal use / ownership of the business);
Chartered capital consulting: (Suitable for each business line and type of business);
Business line consulting: (Standardized in accordance with the law);
Counseling on the company’s founding members: (The object is not allowed to establish and manage the company);
Establish company profile. (Standardized documents as required: Business registration form, company charter, list of shareholders and other documents as prescribed by law);
Consulting other issues;
2. Time to complete the job:

Time to complete the job is 06 working days from the date the customer provides the necessary information and documents, in which:

After 03 working days with business registration and tax code;
After 03 working days to have the company seal, seal sample certificate;
(Working day is understood as the day when state agencies are open for business)

In addition, we accept fast company establishment procedures with only 1-3 working days depending on the needs of customers
3. Customers only need to provide the following information and papers:

Provide information about: company name, company address, legal representative of the company…;
Provide notarized and authenticated identity cards (or passports) of people contributing capital to the enterprise to be established;
4. We represent customers to carry out the procedures after consulting on Company establishment, including:

Drafting and completing all necessary documents and procedures;
Representing enterprises to submit dossiers to competent state agencies;
Track and receive business registration results;
Proceed to apply for seal engraving registration and seal engraving contact to the Enterprise;
Get the Certificate of Seal and Company Seal registration;
Prepare a business license tax return;
5. Results that customers receive:

Certificate of business registration (also tax registration and import and export code);
Company seal (round seal);
Seal sample certificate issued by the police;
Company charter, internal records;
Prepare a business license tax return;
6. Consultation after Company establishment:

Startup consulting (if any);
Free consultation on tax declaration and payment;
Provide internal records for the company;
Consulting business activities (via email, letter, fax);
Provide legal documents upon request (via email);
Counseling on license tax payment procedures, invoice buying procedures in accordance with the tax law;
Drafting corporate internal dossier forms, including: Charter, Minutes of capital contribution to company establishment, election of president, appointment of legal representative, Decision appointing director, Decision on appointment of successors Chief Accountant, Share ownership certificate;
7. After-sales service for customers after consulting on company establishment:

Providing free legal documents, forms, and contracts via company email;
Free consultation throughout the operation of the enterprise;
Discount 10% on the next service you use – to show gratitude to customers;



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