Are you currently seeing that my sales consulting stage is still quite strong

The first time it might have been very smooth, and the application still came out, right

But where to maintain single account closing for half a month or a month, I naturally feel why I close less

I personally experience the business environment and also online consulting, so I share my feelings with you too, and I share the truth, no circle, no theory….

Not always running ads means having customers, but there are customers who have applications

That thought is a mistake

You must remember these 3 keywords, they are:

Markets, Competition and Products
In terms of competition: In any environment, there are competitors, any products. Do you pay attention to the street at the intersection of 4-way intersection, if someone is selling delicious iced tea, make sure a few days later someone else pushes the same tea cart to sell.
As for the Products: You must understand that the products and designs are diverse, constantly updated. Model after model….
And finally there is the Market: Because the product is updated every day, the design is more diverse, each one that tastes well, there are competitors.
That is why the Market will lead to Typhoon. And that’s the law of business, any product is the same.

You must accept Bao Hoa

And as a salesman, always progressing to become a good salesman, you must always change according to the tastes of customers to become a professional consultant by giving new values, always learn to improve knowledge.

Offering real value to customers, the Product Saturation level will last longer.

Examples: Market, Competition, and Products
Let me take the example too:

You can see how the flower is falling in price now, but there will be times when it will sell again. An ordinary bouquet of cotton is much cheaper than a wedding bouquet. Customers accept to spend 5 times more money in exchange for the emotions they need.

Also, for example, the price of daily cotton often falls, but on the full moon, the price increases at peak? Why are you guys?

This part you have to think a little bit, because I have a specific example already.

If you always know how to offer solutions before giving your products to customers, your products will still keep stable prices in a saturated market.

So many of you complained that why I recently filed so poorly, the next day was too busy and no one bought anything huhu hibiscus, save me.

Those who are in this situation, please think about these 3 keywords: Marketing, Edge #

That is, I analyze for you in the perspective of the fluctuations of the business market, so that you do not have to assume that you are a fool who cannot sell.

As for the sales consultant yourself, you must:

Always learning
Continuously improving
Continuous development
Don’t be afraid to innovate
Creating endless
And every day maintaining the same energy as in the beginning, then hope to grow


Sales advice and handling situations
It is already difficult for us to run ads for 1 guest, let alone 100 guests

Every inbox customer asks about our products, they are in demand, but for some reason they haven’t bought.

If they have entered our house, how should we treat them to give their lucky money?

On the first day of the new year, they come to our house with the mentality that they will have lucky money, but if we don’t have tea, they do not have cake, then whoever wants to give you lucky money.

Have fun, I want to share with you a little bit about the thinking in business and here, I will share my experience in handling situations and how to close the application.

Example: Hats

I will share in the correct order as the process of closing the application, and Hat is my product for example.

Welcome message
The first is hello

When a customer asks for a price, there will be many forms:

“Ib shop”
“How much”
Those are the usual sentence patterns that customers use.

In this case I see you all answer:

“Please check ib”
“Check ib you”
Instead, we should change a little bit.

Example: Customer named Phuong Anh asks for the price

Phuong Anh: star shop price
Shop: Are you Phuong Anh wishing to buy hats ^^, Phuong Anh check ib so that the shop can advise immediately and always give me.
That is the way, when consulting sales, we should replay the customer with a word that has a little emotion and soul

Then it is time to enter the greeting message section, there will be 2 cases

Case 1: The visitor is quite busy, so send a message to ask to rep later
For these customers, I have finished greeting but they have not repelled, so I feel no potential and ignore it, right? Mistake you guys, give the guest a start, that is, I have to take the initiative first.

Specifically, you will always ask and leave product images for customers to choose from.

I can demo. For example, a customer buys a hat


Phuong Anh: star shop price
Shop: Are you Phuong Anh wishing to buy hats ^^, check ib so that the shop can advise immediately and always give Phuong Anh.

Shop: Oh Phuong Anh, I see Phuong Anh interested in the Puma brand hat with me. Currently, my side has 4 types of hats as shown in the picture and includes 2 main colors: Black & White (White-Black) => send attached image.
Shop: Maybe Phuong Anh is busy, I send the sample to Phuong Anh to preview.
Case 2: The customer asks for the price
In case the customer asks the price, I have to do “Test and Drive”

What is “Test and Drive”? That is, I will not immediately answer the price for the customer, but have to drive to a question and ask the customer back.

Example The following dialogue

Phuong Anh: Star shop price
Shop: Currently the Puma brand hat model on my side currently has 4 types of hats as shown in the picture and includes 2 main colors: Black & White (White-Black). Phuong Anh let’s take samples
=> When the customer asks the price, I should avoid it, and will ask the customer back to let the customer distract the question of price, then I can enter the standard sales consultation process. This is called a test and if it is successful, drive it.

There is no sales consultant, but customers come in to ask for the price, if I quote immediately, the possibility of not buying is extremely high, because they have not received any value from the product but received the price first, they no longer want listen more…. Do you guys understand?

=> If in case they still insist on the price, this person proves that this person is quite cashing out or is consulting the price. Then I really quote for them


Reverse thinking in sales
If the start is good, the rate of getting the application is all 90% (usually I see customers who accept interaction, the ability to buy is very high).

And if in the case the passive guest refuses to interact. Right now, I have to think a bit backwards and ask questions with customers who have little interaction with me:

How do guests interact with me?
What do I do, what do I ask them to interact?
When you think backwards, and do so, you will turn the tide

If out of 10 guests I actively create interactions, there will be 2-3 successful customers.

And when consulting, you must understand that you help them buy that product, not find a way to sell and force them to buy.

And how to help them buy goods?

We do not pay much attention to the sale when consulting on price or discount
It must always highlight the product’s value
The reason why customers do not buy goods after consulting the sale
I take the example that there is a teenage sister who is in need of buying a hat, then she goes to ib shop to ask for the price and buy it

But after consulting, why did she decide not to buy?

Because she’s busy with something and won’t buy her goods?

banner in post

Ah, that’s not it, this is the reason you guys, I summarize it below

High product prices
Sales consultant for customers to talk dry and not convincing
Not clearly seen the outstanding features of the product
And compared to other shops, there are still no incentives
The value of customer care is still poor
Often the general mentality of shoppers refuses to buy, most of which fall for those reasons.

Then we must grasp the psychology of the guests

When consulting sales, I have to imagine myself as the customer, and comment on my own sales consultant if I am convinced.

Rather than the type of customer entering, the guest quotation is done. Or the customer does not answer, if we do not buy, we ignore it and go to another customer. Doing so is unprofessional and will destroy customer data

Then for the moment there were mostly reasons that customers refused to buy. I listed it again

Now I will analyze for everyone to have a clearer view in each of the issues I mentioned above


The reason why customers do not buy goods after consulting the sale
1. High product price
In terms of product prices, most customers like cheap prices, because of this mentality, when you advise on products, you must confirm that your product is the cheapest in the market.

But cheap is not enough, along with the quality of the product. Cheap but with quality, there is only so-called Strong Resources.

If you are strong in the source of goods and finance, you can show off your advantages that: I am a big supplier, the goods I import in lots of extremely large value should push preferential prices for customers, and other shops. If small, you will have to sell at a higher price

2. Advice on selling to customers is still not convincing
When consulting to customers, if we have time, we should consult with soul and emotion.

Sometimes I can confide, talk like friends or be a lover and close the petition. It is an art, if not the customer asks for the price, we can report it lightly, through the loudspeaker it is not possible.

Respond when customers ask for product prices
For example, the customer asked: What price are you

Because here, I have not determined what kind of customers to buy and customers are intending to check the price, we absolutely cannot satisfy customers, limit the quotation from the beginning, because obviously if they have 200k, I quote 220k. They didn’t buy it from the beginning.

And my noble task is to make them pay 20k more money to own their products.

Then I demoed to answer the sample too:

Currently, the model of Hat has 2 colors: black and white, you choose black or white for me to quote for me (at this time customers will lose focus on the price question and answer their questions)
Surely the customer will answer, then I follow the customer’s answer and lead them to follow me.
Here, if they choose one, we will quote, but the quotation it determines whether customers buy or not, extremely important.
So you have to be smart.

I will quote 1 one like this:

Currently, this hat model on my side is priced at 350k and is also the general market price. However, my side is the main factory segment, so it will push the price cheaper than the market, currently only 199k for this type of hat.
Respond to customers who ask for ship prices when closing the order
=> And now it continues to happen 2 more cases

Case 1: Customers will ask if there is a Free Ship?
Case 2: How much will the customer ask for the shipping price of this product?
=> Let’s solve the above 2 cases together

Case 1: When customers ask, is it free to ship?

Usually this customer probably has no money and very few purchases online, so we will settle it smoothly by shipping them, but Freeship must also know what to say.

You can say: If normally, my side will charge 40k ships for 1 order, but if you buy it at the shop for the first time, I will support you to ship it, but remember to support me the next time.

Case 2: When the customer actively asks how much does the ship cost?

Customers asking this question mean they have many online purchases, so ship is considered normal.

So we will report as follows: Yes sir, usually my side in the province will take 40k shipping money for 1 order, but when I first bought it at the shop, I only took 20k. My total cost is 199k + 20k ship is 219k

And this is how to smoothly latch 1 item

Advice to buy more products
And in parallel like that we do not stop at selling 1 hat but will analyze how customers buy 2 hats

For example, if they choose to buy a white hat, we might offer to buy another black hat


We can wear 2 hats to change and coordinate
I can buy extra to donate to relatives and friends
Buying 2 combos is more economical and also FreeShip
Now we have to analyze it clearly enough to be convincing: Hey man, if you buy one, the price is 199k already and adding 20k shipping fee, the hat is worth 219k / piece.

But if you buy one more, the price of 2 is only 369k / both ^^, and is free of shipping, if calculated, 1 is only 184k, You can save nearly 40k . Can I get you 2 hats?

3. Not clearly seen the outstanding features of the product
Regarding the characteristics of the product, we have to show them in many ways, namely, the material, the medium form, the comfortable hat, and the easy to mix …

Parallel to that side, you send more feedback pictures and selfies for customers to see, to increase reliability

4. Compared to other shops, there are still no incentives
Using our strengths, our resources are strong, so we have better prices and better quality.

Comfortable return policy if the item is defective, 6 months seam warranty

5. Value of customer care is still poor
The customer care regime is too poor, the cone products are easy to sell, and the designs are varied in many ways, a customer needs to buy then we must always take care of it.

Make it a habit to take care of old customers, including those who have not yet bought and purchased, but should give priority to customers who have bought because this customer is more potential.

If they have already bought this sample we will watch for 1 to 2 weeks to take care of them

=> Do you like using a hat with you, beautiful model, have you ever used it for travel

Always Show interest

When the guest responds positively, I will send a new sample photo of my party to introduce to them

Dear brothers and sisters, this model on my side has only had a very high quality product but only costs 189k, cheaper than the Puma model too, if you took it, I packed it and send it to me hihi

How to handle situations in sales consulting
And now will no longer be a plain theory, I will go to real war. I will create a sample sentence and handle all the minimum situations of the customers they require

Scenario 1: The customer requires shipping
How to handle scenario 1:

You advise as follows:

Yes, normally if I plan to ship in the province, 1 application is about 40k.
But only when I buy it at the shop for the first time, my side will support the ship too, next time remember to invite friends to support my shop hihi.
Scenario 2: The customer criticizes the expensive product
In this situation, I offer 3 ways to advise effective sales.

=> Treatment 1:

If I think my product is expensive, I can consult other shops about the price and then come back to my shop later.

The era is now the 4.0 era, the demand for online purchases is increasing, so the shops are expanding massively, but massively, the same item will also have many shops selling concave goods, precisely because so there is a cheap price

And my products are manufactured at the factory without any intermediaries, all products in general and Puma models in particular are high-end products on my side that have been selling for nearly 4 years. Besides exporting to Japan too.

So if you want cheap goods, when you buy it, it will only spend 3-5 months. And when I add a small amount of money to compensate for the present time to choose a high-end product, in return it has a durability of up to 2-3 years.

When buying, I am also monitored by my shop and 6 months warranty for all risks of the product. Specifically, broken stitches, or lost form. Age 4.0 is also easier to shop without spending a lot of time. The right to choose is also decided by myself. So I just refer to it ^^.

=> Treatment 2:

On my side, selling is giving trust, giving value to customers. Compared to the market price, it is not very expensive. You may be cheaper to buy another shop, but in terms of quality standards?

Many times, when using it for several months, the form is lost, stitches are damaged. However, when you buy it at my shop, my side ensures all risks about the product for you. Please refer to it if you have any feedback after it ^^.

=> Treatment 3:

Yes, this 199k model may not be suitable for my budget or why? Well on my side there are other items that only cost 150k ^^ if you buy it, you can also buy it Free ship, but the quality is absolutely not inferior to this Ny-Yankees model.

This sample is a surplus export product on my side, in Vietnam there are only a few samples, not many, please take it.

Scenario 3: The client shuts down when you are done consulting.
In the situation where guests are silent when you advise, I have 4 ways as follows:

=> Treatment 1:

Oh my sister, is there any problem in my consultation that makes you not satisfied or what is it ^^, I feel that I am also very enthusiastic to support me, but why did you not respond. Can you give me some suggestions

=> Treatment 2:

Oh my sister, is there any problem in my consultation that makes you not satisfied or why you ^^, I feel that I am also very enthusiastic to support me, but why did you not respond. That’s it, I change to another friend to support you, thank you ^^

=> Treatment 3:

Dear sister, maybe you temporarily do not have the need to buy hats for some reason because the price is not suitable or is the design or design you do not like? Can you give me a few ideas?

=> Treatment 4:

Hi there. My side is having a survey program for customers. I know that she is interested in the shop and has an ibox shop to ask about the product. But I don’t know if during the product consultation process for you, your staff will satisfy you.

If you have any suggestions, I hope I give you feedback to help my shop improve service quality. And if you still intend to buy products at the shop, today I will get a discount of only 179k instead of the old price.

In addition, I have situations of refusing, asking my wife and husband to consult my newly bought friends
General treatment:

Would you buy a hat to give a gift to your family member, probably give it your birthday right? Just get 2 combos that you reduced to only 349k ❤, normally I let someone else’s combo 369k Asian. Buy it now and give it to your husband. Surely he will love you more. ”

These are just the sentence samples I show, if all of them are complete, it will definitely have a long part, because I am applying the form of direct sale sentence for online consultation.

Since direct sale is the traditional sale, which is the original, you can read and understand, understand the psychology of customers and can make your own better and shorter and even more effective sentences.

The article about my selling consulting skills is over, what I do and experience are really sharing ^^. Don’t hide anything.

Hope this article will help you have a better view of your customer consulting perspective to sell more products.




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