7 excellent sales advice “cut hearts” immediately

Nowadays, selling effectively is not only about having good products, but actually, customers are also buying experiences with businesses. In which, sales consulting is one of the factors playing the most important role. The article will share 7 effective sales advice that cannot be denied for you.

Is sales advice important?

Sales consulting is a job where we need to advise customers about the products and services that we are trading, talk about the good aspects, the uses of that product or service to customers. products, through inspirational and elaborate words to listeners.

Cách tư vấn bán hàng mang lại hiệu quả cao

Sales consulting method brings high efficiency. Photo source: synthesized

So more specifically what is the job of a sales consultant, what is a sales consultant, or understand in the other direction, what should the sales consultant know? First, you need to know about the products and services that you are trading. At the same time, it is also necessary to have good communication and persuasion skills. To be more specific below will be 7 great tips on how to bring professional sales with good results that you should apply.

Effective sales consulting with 7 great ways to capture

In order to be more effective in selling, each business needs to have a good sales consultant. Therefore, below will be sharing about 7 great tips for businesses to build effective sales consulting to capture.

1. Warmly welcome customers

When customers walk into your store, avoid questions like “How can I help you?”, Which is too common to make a new impression on you and your store. with other stores.

Có nhiều cách mở đầu cho buổi tư vấn bán hàng trở nên bớt căng thẳng

There are many ways to initiate a stress-free sales consultation. Photo source: synthesized

Instead, greet customers in other ways that may surprise them. When you welcome visitors to the store, you don’t have a second time to make a first impression, so do your best to make it special. And remember that when welcoming patrons, call their correct names, this will make the Buy-Sell relationship become a relative advising each other.

2. Praise customers sincerely
This little detail makes your customers feel like you care about them. You can compliment things on their body – like their clothing or jewelry, or their unique features – like their hairstyle or nail style. Remember not to compliment your loved one in an unnatural way of flattering.

In addition, you can also cleverly compliment the item they have just chosen. This can greatly influence their buying decision and motivate them to choose to buy it.

3. Ask customers for their opinion
Consulting customers is one of the sales consulting that you need to care about. Ask your customers about your products, if that’s what they’re looking for, and if they’ve seen similar products in other stores.

cách tư vấn bán hàng phù hợp nhất

Understand the needs of customers that are still open to have the most suitable sales consulting method. Photo source: synthesized

Asking for customer opinion is also a silent compliment: you show your customers how much you appreciate their opinion. If you ask the right questions, you can collect more customer reviews about your store, your products, and what is more valuable, customer reviews when compared to your competitors. painting.

4. Have customers talk about themselves or a topic they love
Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Either way, you can make customers more naturally open-minded by asking about topics they like or about themselves. This is especially helpful when communicating with regular clients, as well as an effective client advice to use.

If you know a bit of information about the customer’s preferences and styles, cleverly incorporate them into the next conversation. This is also a way to show your concern for who they are, not merely profit.

5. Listen to customers
The best salesperson doesn’t need to be the best speaker, but the one who really listens, especially in the way of effective phone sales advice. Ask short questions, and let customers answer as long as possible. Listening to customers is the best way to please them.

6. Ask questions to suggest customers to buy more products
The skill of asking customers about their interests, wants, or needs is extremely beneficial. It helps you to recommend useful products to customers but they have not yet come up with the intention to buy. Once you have information about your customer’s wants or needs, suggest other products. Think of products that sell by two groups:

Accessories / products for the item they just bought (also known as upselling)
Products that you think customers might want to buy based on the information they’ve just shared and on the type of product they’ve just bought.

Cách tư vấn bán hàng khéo léo có thể tăng số lượng đơn hàng

Clever sales consulting can dramatically increase the number of orders expected and the higher the repeat order rate. Photo source: unsplash

Many salespeople are afraid to ask customers to buy more products for fear they will be bothered. But here’s the truth: if you are not proposing to buy more products, you are not creating good customer service! If you offer the right things, you are helping customers identify the products they need but have never thought of.

Simply ask: “Do you already know this product … ..?” This question easily helps you to sell more products per customer – skyrocketing sales for you.

7. Thank you for purchasing and coming back often
A successful sale is selling to one person twice. To build customer trust, you should not forget to show gratitude to customers who have purchased your goods. From there, we can rely on warranty, return … to collect more personal information of customers, convenient for customer care.

Inquire with a phone call or email can make your customers feel interested in you. Let them know you are always there and ready to help if they need advice. Doing this not only makes customers happy with your product purchase, but also motivates them to visit your store on a regular basis.

Hopefully, with the above sales consulting method, you will hone and train yourself with better sales consulting skills, bringing high efficiency in your business.




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